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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked question. Please check back periodically as we add more.

  • Does HCO compromise on animal welfare prior to and during HALAL slaughter?
    Our trained inspectors and qualified auditors complete their due diligence at every slaughterhouse with a zero tolerance approach to animal welfare in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the laws of the land.
  • What does HALAL mean to HCO?
    HCO believes in, and promotes ‘Halal’ as synonymous with Healthy and Hygienic. This message is consistently conveyed to our community and our customers.
  • What is HALAL?
    Halal is an Arabic word which essentially means “permissible or allowed” according to the holy book Quran and the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for Muslins. Haram (forbidden) is the opposite word to halal, and means not allowed to eat and use according to Islamic dietary laws.
  • Does HCO believe in training?
    HCO is run by technically qualified professionals in their respective fields, who have a mission to provide training and education at every level within the industry and the community, because there is always scope for learning and improving. We deliver our training through the ‘Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training’ ( a wholly owned educational subsidiary of HCO.
  • Does HCO provide certification and training services all over the world?
    Yes, we arrange training sessions and halal certification services all over the world. HCO also proactively and constantly forms affiliation with other halal certification bodies globally.
  • How different is HCO from other HALAL certification bodies?
    HCO is proud to boast a team of highly trained professionals who have relevant experiences in their respective areas of expertise including doctorates in Islamic theology, meat science, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary and medical doctors etc. We are committed to critically examining any products certified as Halal by us, in order to provide peace of mind to the HALAL consumer.
  • Does HCO recognise other HALAL certification bodies (HCB)?
    Due to the high standard of our operations, HCO carefully scrutinises HCBs to ensure that only the genuine ones are recognised by us. We currently have mutual recognition with selected HCBs within the EU and further afield.
  • Does HCO audit its certified premises?
    HCO conducts risk assessment on each site and depending on the level of risk, sites can be audited once, twice or even more times per annum. We also supervise halal slaughtering at abattoirs.
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