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'World's First' DNA traceable steak travels from UK to Dubai...By Gwen Ridler

Diners in Dubai enjoyed the ‘world’s First’ steak with DNA traceability, supporting the export of Halal-approved meat from the UK.

Traveling all the way from Hill Farm Finest in the UK to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the steak could be tracked across the supply chain – from the DNA to the QR code.

This farm-to-fork technology was developed as a pilot for the faith-based food sector by digital platform provider OneAgrix, track and trace software developer Inexto, network developer OriginTrail and their ecosystem partners (see box below).

OneAgrix claimed that a new digitally connected infrastructure for food producers could generate up to $500bn (£403bn) in additional value for the global economy by 2030.


DNA traceability of the meat product – combined with Inexto’s identification technology that traces the product via its ‘counterfeit-proof’ packaging, traceable to the farm and the meat processor – provides additional layers of security along the food supply chain.

Both food producers’ data and food certifications are stored on blockchain-based technologies of OriginTrail’s network operating system, which is then available to buyers via the OneAgrix platform.

The development comes ahead of new rules in the US, which will require certain foods to have tracking and tracing. While compliance to this requirement is still a few years away, OneAgrix claimed the pilot project proved comprehensive end-to-end food visibility was commercially viable today.

‘Delivering trust’

Philippe Chatelain, chief executive of Inexto, said: “Inexto Solutions are yearly securing over 100bn products across their global supply chains and delivering the highest degree of trust and security to consumers, customers, and governments.

“Inexto is excited to be part of the Halal End-to-End traceability project with OneAgrix, thus providing halal food product consumers with a demonstrated proof of origin and authenticity.”

Meanwhile, Veracruz Almonds is boosting traceability by implementing blockchain technology at its estates in Idanha-a-Nova and Fundão, Portugal in preparation for expanding its exports to distributors and suppliers in the UK and Europe.


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