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HCO Non-Discrimination Policy

Halal Certification Organisation Limited (HCO LTD.) bases the relationship with our clients on principles of equal opportunity and fair treatment and does not discriminate any applicant with respect to all aspects of the certification policies and procedures adopted by HCO LTD.


 HCO LTD. policies, procedures and services are always administered in a way that provide availability and convenient accessibility to all its clients whose activities fall under the scope of certification without any discriminative potentiality.


All HCO LTD. clients are treated in the same unconditional non-discriminatory way regardless of the client size, service requested, certification type and scope needed.

All what is required from applicants is to comply with our certification requirements, which are equal and similar to all applicants.


On a regular basis, HCO LTD. performs periodic revision to the specific scheme requirements and its own process of application submission, review, evaluation and decision, to ensure that HCO’s procedures are limited to the specific desired scope of certification and that no unnecessary delays or barriers are faced by applicants.


HCO LTD. is committed to providing services to all without any discrimination, our website is accessible to all, anyone can request for any type of services which we provided without any hesitation and no restriction apply to anyone.






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