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Impartiality Statement

Publicly accessible impartiality statement

HCO accredits an organisation that satisfies the Halal requirement and ensures the quality of the finished product as well as all constituent ingredients. HCO’s mission is to consistently certify Halal, healthy and hygienic quality consumable products in the meat, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in line with national legislation and Islamic Dietary Compliance Laws.

We at HCO understand the understand the importance of impartiality and the avoidance of conflicts of interest and have established relevant policies and procedures within our Quality Management System. To support these policies and procedures, clauses within the Terms and Conditions of employment for our staff, and maintenance of additional signed Confidentiality Agreements and Conflict of Interest Statements for all Certification Decision makers have been implemented.

In addition, we have set up a Certification Management Committee which comprises of membership of external members. This committee is responsible for reviewing, evaluating and recommending actions relating to risks to certification process and impartiality as well as considering public perceptions, openness and other factors that could impact on the confidence in our Halal certification process.

In addition, HCO takes pride in the consistent delivery and upholding of these standards, which is achieved by having regular training and awareness programmes within the industry and for consumers. HCO prides itself in serving the Muslim Community by ensuring Halal Products through professional and trained Inspectors, Technical Auditors and Technical Managers with the ultimate aim of achieving Halal product assurance through the entire stream of industry to consumption.

In establishing these policies, procedures and committee, and by conducting regular internal auditing activities in line with our internal management system, and by maintaining our accreditations, registrations and Notified Body statuses through Third Party assessment, HCO ensures the objectivity of all work we deliver to existing and new customers alike.


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