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Sampling and Analysis of Products for Halal Authenticity

HCO’s Policy on Sampling and Analysis of Products for Halal Authenticity

At HCO, we take our responsibility of ensuring halal integrity of our approved products very seriously. That’s why we work with one of the leading specialist independent laboratories in the world.

Collection of samples from meat/animal carcass or Halal finished consumable products for pork/porcine as well as alcohol level detection, by HCO approved laboratory, is essential for verification of Halal assurance.

Our partner laboratory uses a highly sensitive mitochondrial DNA detection method and is up to date with international testing standards and members of BSI. With respect to ISO 17025, the lab holds the accreditation for all its DNA food testing. They also carry out quantitative alcohol (ethanol) analysis using Gas Chromatography.

Following our Lab Sampling Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), HCO randomly collects a representative sample from our certified client sites. The frequency of random sampling is pre-determined by risk analysis carried out by our technical and Sharia experts.

Depending on the outcome of the independent test results, the Certificate of Analysia (CoA) is shared with our client, and in case of any doubt, a resampling and retesting is undertaken and reviewed by our experts.


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